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TowerDigital Sky is an established public safety telecommunications engineering and integration firm providing turnkey land mobile radio, PSAP, interoperability, and wireless solutions.

Digital Sky is unique because we are licensed as both a Harris dealer and licensed as a certified Harris service shop and can design, build, operate, and maintain turnkey LMR systems.

Digital Sky also is licensed as a Catalyst dealer for radio interoperability, PSAP, and radio control over IP solutions.

Start Building Your Communications System with the right choice

TemplateDigital Sky's professional team has decades of combined experience implementing public safety and voice communications solutions for some of the largest agencies and radio communications customers in the United States.

Our principals have implemented and project managed land mobile radio communications solutions for large electric utilities, transportation agencies, and several of the largest public safety agencies in the United States.

Communicate, Create, Motivate

We specialize in the design and procurement and implementation of :

  • Complete Radio Communications Systems
  • Frequency Consulting Services and Rebanding
  • Multi-Vendor Interoperability Systems
  • 911 PSAP Centers
  • Microwave systems
  • Radio Control Over IP Solutions
  • In-Building Coverage Solutions
  • Tower Sites
  • FCC Licensing
  • Maintenance of LMR systems
  • Project Management
  • Mobile Data


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